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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas to all my friends, family and followers.

Here’s a poem from whey back…you can find this and other rhyming poetry in “In Search of Sympathy or a Cure” available in my web shop. Only a few left.



Christmas day at Mother’s

A crowd, to say the least

It needed expert planning

To prepare the mighty feast


When we tried to count them

There were twenty-five or more

Some were cooking, Some were playing,

Some were prostrate on the floor.


There were taties in the roasting pan

And taties on the boil

The turkey, ready basted

Was covered up in foil


The brussel sprouts and carrots

Prepared the night before

Got mistaken for the peelings

And we had to do some more.


The pork was in the Yorkshire range

With crackling on the top

The parsnips in a paper bag

(We’d left them in the shop)


The pudding it was pressure cooked

With lots of fruit and peel in

When all at once the valve shot off

And pudding hit the ceiling.


The custard went all lumpy

But with blender at the ready

Mother made it smooth again

While we held t’bucket steady.


Dad was pouring out the wine

A lot went down his throat

Some said they saw him even pour some

In the gravy boat.


We toasted everybody

“Glad tidings and good cheer”

And after that we all agreed

We’d stay at home next year.

GEMINI now live in the web shop

You can now purchase my new poetry book, GEMINI, from my shop on this website.

For two weeks only, 1st December to 14th December it is on sale at £4.00. Normal price will be £6.00

The postage section has not been updated to reflect increased charges, but don’t worry I will cover any extra – just pay whatever the basket says for postage.

Any queries, message me on Face book or email me and i will try to help.

My previous book, COVID TYMES is also on offer at £3.00 Contact me for all offers and free collection in person (local personal contacts)



GEMINI is a new book of poetry which will be reaching my web shop soon.

Astronomically, Gemini is a constellation of stars in our northern hemisphere sky. I believe it is formed of six stars , not two. Astrologically, Gemini refers to the two stars Castor and Pollux, who allegedly were twins but with different fathers :0

You can read about them here

In todays terms, those of us born between 20th May and 20th June – or thereabouts – are astrologically linked under the sign of Gemini, the twins. We are attributed to have two contrasting  charactors. Whether this is a learned response from our culture of “following our stars” is open for discussion. I certainly seem to follow the format. But I don’t study other star signs that much. Maybe we ALL have SOME of the atrributes of every sign. But anyway, I am happy to be labelled a Gemini.

But why call my book GEMINI?

I mainly write two types of poetry – funny and – the other sort. Seasonal – funny in the summer, the other sort in the darker months. I’m happy or sad. Love everything all at once then change direction and flit like a butterfly to something else that catches my fancy

In my previous book, Candle, I grouped poems into chapters of seasons or worklife or stresses and so on. In this collection I’ve put both sides of myself out there at once – hoping there will be something for a chuckle and something for a thoughtful pause on each turn of the page.

Here’s a short poem about Castor and Pollux

Castor and Pollux


These Dioscuri,

One mortal, the other divine

Born from one egg

Climb in our heavens and shine



Pollux lifts up Castor, his brother

To shine evermore in our sky

One cannot survive without the other

Castor and Pollux The Twins. Gemini.



Remembering Novembering

A creative piece written a few years ago to read aloud as a poem, and reformatted here into prose. The telltale signs of rhyme are there within the text. I think they become more noticeable as the piece progresses.


I’m remembering, remembering

My fifth of Novembering.

Far back when I was small I can recall standing by the window waiting for dark to come. Waiting for dad to come so he could light the fire that my brother and I had built In the back garden

The warm kitchen smelled of onions and hot dog sausages and there was freshly baked Parkin

Then in he came, with sparklers and rockets. And matches.

It was time.

The lighting of the bonfire was a ceremony. Dad checked our twisted newspaper sticks . We had done a good job, he said. Which way is the wind blowing?Is the wood dry? Will it light?


We made a Guy once with a sawdust filled brown bag for a head and legs from Mam’s old stockings, filled wi’ straw. We paraded it around the estate on me brother’s go cart. Not to collect money like they do now. It was just for fun.

Dad tied him to an old wooden chair and threw him onto the pyre.

The bonfire was lit.

With the Guy on top and with the twigs and prunings from the garden it was all of three foot high, and soon the chair leg crackled into flames, lighting the Guy’s face, and ours, with an orange glow.

Then the sparklers. So young, but allowed, this one night to hold real fire in gloved fingers.  Arms length, terrified but squealing with delight, making swirly patterns in the dark night.

I’m remembering, remembering

My fifth of Novembering.

When you got older you’d go with yer mates to a bonfire the big lads had built behind the estate with wooden gates they found in old folks gardens. Hinges and latches still on

And we all took summat:
Taters in foil, and chestnuts
Sausages in bread crusts
And Bonfire toffee

T’Big lads mucked about, played the fool chucking bangers onto t’fire; Pulling red hot sticks out to light their Park Drive

In the shadows, rosy cheeked  
You could get cosy with a lad
It was more exciting than sparklers
Terrified, but squealing with delight inside
You forgot all the warnings
About playing with fire

 Ah- I’m remembering, remembering
My fifth of Novembering.

 One year, One of the lads on our street lit a rocket in his hand and it blew off his middle finger and another year, someone at school had a Jumping Jack go off in his pocket. They called ‘im Cracker Knacker after that

I’m remembering, remembering
My fifth of Novembering.

Later It was all community bonfires and fabulous firework displays put on by the council. Mind, You had to wrap up warm. There was no chance of getting near the fire.You could buy a hot dog and a hot drink and the onions smelled good but it wasn’t as magical

Now – I’m just part of the grouchy older generation hating the firework noise outside my dark window It’s like bloody Beruit and it’s not even November yet. And where did they get the money? That’s not even a Guy. It’s your little brother wi’ a monkey mask on. They ought to stop all this firework nonsense. All that money going up in sparks. Where do their parents think they are?



Every November the sixth
Cloud damp and fog dense
I walk in the park
To find rocket sticks
And sparkler wires as evidence –
And I recall being small


And I’m remembering, remembering

Fifth of Novembering.



Summer 2022

Potted version of this years little trips.

Bridlington, Yorks. By Train . April

Accompanied: Jacq, Ali, Carenza, Jaffa

Object of trip Seaside fun, train trip

length of trip – One day

Noteable comments: Bit chilly. Sand wet. Best value – Pirate boat trip. Best remembered for Ali leaving phone on train on way back.




Grasby, North Yorks. By Car Nearest beach/coastal place Cleethorpes.

Accompanied – JDvo

object of visit. Self catering, pool, sauna. Garden centre, coast

length of visit 5 days

Noteable comments. Caister and Kirmington.Some very good eateries, gluten free cakes etc. Interesting Architecture. Garden centre at Brigg amazing. Photo shoot at Broughton


Purpose of trip : Worsley Delph, Salford Quays, Anderton Boat lift

Two nights, Premier in Salford Quays North. September

Worsley Delph. The bridgewater canal, the mines. amazing history.

Barton Swing bridge Aquaduct

Anderton Boat lift. This is where the canal level is too high for locks, so a lift takes it down to the river Weaver. The lift was out of use when we visited,but we enjoyed the boat trip in the river Weaver and took pics of the boat lift. Will visit it again another time


Middleton Dyas and Bedale. Including Knarsborough, Ripon, High Force waterfall. October

This was a bonus- a treat from our son. The Middleton Dyas Estate has cottages. we had a cottage with a hot tub – a big tin bath filled from a hot tap. very deep. It even had bubbles like a jacuzzi. Photos were poor quality due to it being nighttime and raining.

Next day we travelled to High Force waterfall and had an amazing experience – the fall was in full flow. Powerful and thrilling to see.  Raby Castle was stunning.

One night in Bedale. Lovely cottage pub – Woodman in at Burneston. Very hospitable, comfy cottage at the back of the car park. Lovely pub with warm fire and great food


We  visited Ripon and went to see the Workhouse Museum. Spent quite a while there. It was free, and very interesting.