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Wedding Anniversary

My Hubby and I recently celebrated out 50th Wedding anniversary. We had all our family and some friends at a special meal at a local restaurant. There was a lot of planning involved but it was really special.


Fifty years on the love-boat…


This love boat has not always been plain sailing

But we held the rudder firm against the tide

We take on water: we’ve become quite skilled at bailing.

And now we’ve made it to the other side


We’ve sailed in wind and faced some stormy weather

And more than once the love-boat ran aground

But the things we do the best we do together

And whatever we thought lost was always found


Our children and their families are such a pleasure

We feel so proud, and though we’re getting old

We’re blessed with all the memories we treasure

Wrapped in love – and that’s just SOLID GOLD


I’ve just had my shingles vaccine. The first one. I’m supposed to have two.

Vaccinations are important. I have always had my flu jabs when offered, and I had all my Covid ones. I have never had any side effects except a sore arm for a day or so. So when the vaccine for Shingles was offered I wasn’t too worried about having that one. I did check what the side effects might be, – the likely hood of having side effect is about one in ten, to some degree. I had a good disscussion with the nurse about the likelyhood of getting the actual disease. And it sounds really painful and possible long lasting. So I got my jab yesterday. Then found out I need another in about eight weeks time.

Now, as I said, I support vaccinations and would not want to put anyone off. But on this occasion it seems I am the “one in ten” that had a bit of a reaction.

My neck is sore, my arm is aching
My body sweats, it’s shiver and shaking
My head feels like a heavy brick
My stomach thinks it might be sick

For every ten there will be nine
For whom the Shingle vaccine’s fine
But I must be the one in ten
So I don’t think I’ll be doing that again.

Update. Well it seemed to turn into a bit of a cold, and I concluded that it was probably nothing to do with the vaccine. After a couple of days I was much better. But when I was called for my second “shot”, I did, as a precaution, arrange it after a special event that I was due to attend. I’m glad I did, as, once again, I reacted with quite a nasty cold. My arm was itchy and sore for more than a week afterwards, too. Never mind. I am sure it would have been worse if I had got shingles.


Well we went to a wedding. In London. During a rail strike.

Just the first train missing which was ok as we could drive to the connection. I got lost in Kings Cross. Went to find a cash machine in the station, and came out of a different exit.

Weather: very warm. Much warmer than expected. All that planning with warm accessories not needed. Too hot for the jacket. Too hot for his cravat.

Little ones so smart and delightful.

Bride gorgeous. Groom wonderful.

A lovely day. Great meal. Great company.

Wine: very good Montepulciano d’Abruzzo… nice italian red. Did I drink too much? Of course.

Hotel: adequate.

Had a little saunter down to Leicester square next day. Met Mr Bean.


Got as far as Covent Garden and had a very expensive cup of coffee and got taxi back to kings cross for our return journey.

The Parcel Yard in Kings Cross Station was a good place to await our train (which was running on time)


Summer 2023 – Catch up version


April A day trip to York. A coach trip organised through our Oddfellows group. The weather was awful. Like – tipping down.We visited the Castle museum. We took lots of photos but this one of the mangle is just what I wanted to accompany my Mangle poem.

The Mangle

Me mother ‘ad a mangle
She turned it wi an ‘andle
I loved to see the water squashed
Out of all the clothes she washed.
Me brother bought a motor
And made it automatic
So the handle wasn’t needed
And me mother wa’ ecstatic
One day me Mam were poorly
So me Gran came to do t’washing
She didn’t know about
The automatic squashing
Got her fingers in the rollers
And couldn’t find reverse
We had to pull the plug out
and what was  even worse
Her finger nails were bloody
And turned me dads shirt red
And I got into trouble
For repeating what he said
Her fingers, flat and floppy
Turned purple, blue and black
Dad took the mangle motor off
and we had to take it back
Now Granny can’t do laundry
Or knit things like before
Dad bought Mam a twin tub
And Granny just sweeps t’ floor.

It was a worthwhile visit – we knew it was pricey but the shock was in the cafe afterwards. The prices for the cuppa were too much. We went back, through the rain, to Wetherspoons, like you do, eh?


In June we took a trip to Wales. We booked a cottage in Llanystumdwy nr Criccieth. On the way we stopped at Gladstones Library – a place I was intrigued to see since hearing a poem about Gladstones axe, by Ian Parks.


We spent a rather wet week, dodging downpours and visiting as many places as we could. From Abersoch, Pwllelli, Porthmadog, ( the little railway trip), and Harlech.


Harlech Castle



And of course Portmerrion. The sun shone and it was the best day

Wish I had worn flat shoes for that one, though.




The highlight, though was on our return journey. We called at Chirk, to see the aquaduct, which has a rail line running alongside it. We managed to see it from three different veiwpoints, including the last one, where I caught a snap as a train passed along the viaduct.

The journey home was long and arduous. Overall, it took over five hours to get back home to South Yorkshire. At one point, for safety’s sake of my driver, 🙂 we had to stop for a break, food, refresh. We have decided we will not travel so far again – not in one day.

Still to come … London, a wedding, and an anniversary.

A creative week

In the last week I have started and completed not one, not two, but THREE poems!

One was a commissioned piece, and one was a response poem to another poet.

The third was inspired by a strange social visit to a “Folk Music” event yesterday,which was not as expected. You can read it under my poems listing – In Search of Entertainment

I’ve also drawn, and painted, a rather splendid flamingo. I’ll post it here when I remember to copy it from my phone camera.

So  it looks like I am back on track, despite having cronic health issues and a head cold.