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Well we went to a wedding. In London. During a rail strike.

Just the first train missing which was ok as we could drive to the connection. I got lost in Kings Cross. Went to find a cash machine in the station, and came out of a different exit.

Weather: very warm. Much warmer than expected. All that planning with warm accessories not needed. Too hot for the jacket. Too hot for his cravat.

Little ones so smart and delightful.

Bride gorgeous. Groom wonderful.

A lovely day. Great meal. Great company.

Wine: very good Montepulciano d’Abruzzo… nice italian red. Did I drink too much? Of course.

Hotel: adequate.

Had a little saunter down to Leicester square next day. Met Mr Bean.


Got as far as Covent Garden and had a very expensive cup of coffee and got taxi back to kings cross for our return journey.

The Parcel Yard in Kings Cross Station was a good place to await our train (which was running on time)