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January 2019

So much to do, and so many obstacles.

Happy New Year, then. If one can still use this greeting 26 days into this next orbit round the sun. Still, theres still over 300 days to go, and I’ve been known to start a diary a lot later in the year. I’ve also been known to write loads of stuff in January and not return to it till July! Good intentions, and all that.

So what are my intentions, good or otherwise for this year?

I will read more. I will read at least one fiction and one non-fiction each month. To this end, I bought – actually paid money, for two books. They were recommended to me through “friends like you are reading these books now” so I bought them purely on that strength. The first, a fiction set in WWII is a bit slow and twee. I’ve picked it up a few times and it’s probably good but I don’t have time to wait for it to get exciting. The second is about mindfulness, from different points of view. Yeah! OK to dip in to.

Lesson learned. I intend to go back to the lending library, where I can choose six books, read one, and return them all three weeks later. For free. Except for the car parking fee.

I need to make changes to my website. It needs an overhaul and a good sort out. So it might disappear and reappear in the next month or so but I am still here and open to comments (see contact page to email me)

I’ve got plenty of poetry in progress. Unfortunately it still tends to be on bits of paper all over the place. Even though I have a lovely new notebook for 2019 with an elesticated pen slot and colour match pen. Red.

So that’s where I am for now. Still at the day job. Still on a diet. Still aiming at 5000 steps a day, and reaching 2500 if I’m really good. Wondering where the next 300 or so days will take me.

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